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More than twenty-five years, evolultion from analog hiss monsters to souless digital blip blop trying to emulate that analog sound. It's NOT all here. Post everything? We would if we could, bitch! You take what you can get. And more will come.

FREE MUSIC HERE. FREE. Go ahead, you know you want it.

Exclusive Collections of Musical Selections:

Heavy Days

Our brand new full length album for 2017!

We've Got Your Back Now

Sha-Pink's contribution to United for Pulse.

Art Party

This arty party is an artsy farty party.


Maybe our best RPM album, or at least we like it. A lot.


Sixpeat! Is that a word?

A Many Splintered Thing

Oops we did it again.


Our all original cover albums is a glamorous eargasm for your soul, bitch!


If you are afraid of spiders or robots, this is the album for you, bitch!

Pull Slowly And Die

God we love these drums! I think it's because we stole them from **** **** * ******, bitch!

Sha-Pink: Submits

What was this again? Right, "Cougars in Jaguars", why aren't more people listening to that?


When you think of music, you think Sha-Pink Sampler! There are plenty of these luscious songs to go around!

Songs From The Bunny Loft

Silly rabbit! Silly four-track cassette! Silly Groovebox! Silly Korg guitar processor! Silly Sha-Pink!

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